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Where Games Are Heading: The Next Decade in Creativity

  2020 will be a momentous milestone in the annals of gaming, as technology, creativity, and talent continue to thrive in the growing industry. The Last Ten Years A lot has happened since 2010! We’ve gotten innovations in every aspect: hardware, business model, gameplay, competition, and more. Let’s look back to the last decade: ->  VR  Developers charted new possibilities in immersion with  Virtual Reality  headsets with the Oculus Rift and the Valve Index. ->  Minecraft and PUBG/Fortnite  led genre revolutions in scale, letting imaginations run wild and enshrining endless size as the centerpiece of gameplay. ->  Esports  took the world stage — in both importance and viewership. It’s integral to every competitive game’s strategy. Valve’s Dota 2 topped $30,000,000 USD for its prize pool! ->  Free-to-Play  captured the attention of hundreds of millions of new players ->  Indie  games proliferated with the support of distribution platforms and game engine technology. The P

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